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We hope you find the site useful and helpful to your research and investigation efforts.

At its core, Mobile Forensics Central is a tool to help digital forensic investigators identify the solutions they need to examine the mobile devices they are confronted with, and to learn what information they can expect to retrieve from those devices. The goal of MFC is to make the process of device forensics more efficient and easier to manage.

While there are a growing number of forensic solutions on the market, each has their own strengths and list of supported phones. But the mobile device industry is a fast moving one, and there is not currently, and may never be a one-size-fits-all solution for mobile device forensics. The present situation is a difficult one for the examiner who is often left to his or her own devices when it comes to finding out which tool is going to examine a device. And to ensure the most complete analysis, its standard practice to have to use more than one solution, and often times many. The question we’ve heard for years, and what prompted the creation of MFC is, “Where does one begin?” Mobile Forensics Central attempts to answer that question.

The complete reports Mobile Forensics Central delivers when a device is searched includes a list of solutions that support the device, as well as what data those tools can be expected to pull from the device. Additionally, cable options are identified and showcased, and users are encouraged to share their experiences in the Examiner’s Exchange. In the “Education Center” and “News” areas of the site, we’ve included many other helpful resources relevant to the topic.

We encourage you to use Mobile Forensics Central regularly. The site is free for both users and content partners, and we plan on keeping it that way. MFC was created by Teel Technologies, a solution provider of many of the tools found on the site. For special pricing, and custom configured software bundles, please visit the Teel Technologies web site at:

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